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La Taqueria El Chino
Delicious Mexican Food
Our Roots

We've come from a taco food business' experience inherited from previous own family generations, with a vast experience in many food service areas.


We decided to continue that tradition by owning a Mexican Restaurant, offering the inherited taco tradition from our predecesors. We did start with  several simple  -but delicious!-  recipes they taught us and their wish to continue with their tradition they dreamed about here in Norwalk, CT and looking for a business expansion in the near future. 

Let's talk about our beggings

Meanwhile I was working in different kitchen styles, my wife used to sell food from home just to family, friends and neighbors.  A friend offers us a food truck and we did partner with him, and that's how La Taqueria El Chino was born on June 2017.

Delicious Mexican Food
La Tqueria EL Chino Food Truck
La Taqueria El Chino - Owners
Mexican Food
La Taqueria El Chino
L:a Taqueria El Chino
La Taqueria El Chino
Tacos Tortas Quesadillas
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